Cheshire Bridge: All Lanes Back Open (again!)

25 May 2024 12:46 PM | Anonymous

May 2024: 

ALL LANES of Cheshire Bridge have reopened!

Memorial Weekend is a great time to support these wonderful businesses!

December 30, 2023 – Update from District 6 Councilmember Alex Wan

The following is an update of the Cheshire Bridge Road bridge situation. Please know that I have remained in contact with the administration on the project, but we have not had anything substantive to report out until today as we have been coordinating with a variety of agencies and partners in a coordinated effort to assess the conditions and path forward.

Repair versus Rebuild – The good news is that it appears that the bridge can be repaired by shoring up the existing supports and replacing a portion of the bridge versus having to demolish and completely rebuild the entire structure. While the initial approach was to get one or two lanes re-opened as soon as possible and continue working on the remainder of the bridge to open it to traffic, it has been determined that it is better long term to complete the entire rehab work at once. Unfortunately, the repair time is estimated to be 10 weeks; however, it would result in the entire roadway being opened to traffic with no near-term need to replace the existing bridge. ATLDOT and I commit to remain vigilant during construction so that potential for delay is identified and addressed proactively.

Encampment Strategy – The City had crews onsite today to remove items from the encampments here and at nearby overpasses. I have discussed directly with the Mayor about a developing and executing strategy to secure these critical infrastructure assets going forward. This is going to take a sustained, concerted effort with our state partners, which will begin in earnest in January. Partners for HOME is also engaged to support the individuals in the area.

Traffic Impact Mitigation – As volume returns to normal levels after the holidays, the ATLDOT Commissioner Caviness has committed to me to monitor the traffic in the corridor and adjacent neighborhoods closely and to take appropriate mitigation measures to relieve pressure where possible given this outage as well as the lingering LaVista Road/Cheshire Bridge Road intersection limitations from the apartment fire.

I appreciate everyone’s continued patience, especially those who live and work near the area, as we keep moving through this crisis as quickly as we can.



WHAT: The Atlanta Department of Transportation has closed a portion of Cheshire Bridge Road NE to traffic due to potential unsafe conditions caused by an overnight fire underneath the bridge overpass.

WHERE: Cheshire Bridge Road NE from just north of Faulkner Road NE to Piedmont Avenue NE

WHEN: Effective immediately, Cheshire Bridge Road NE from Faulkner Road NE to Piedmont Avenue NE is closed to all traffic until further notice. The bridge is closed for the safety of the traveling public due to potential damage caused by an overnight fire.

DETAILS: Motorists should avoid the area. Please observe all “Closed,” “Caution,” and directional signage. Alternate routes have been added to GPS navigation services.

Questions and/or concerns related to this closure may be directed to Atlanta Department of Transportation at:



From Councilmember Alex Wan's Office on 12/20/23

As is the case with you all, waking up to another Cheshire Bridge fire was the last way I hoped to start my day. I share in your frustration and that which is general across District 6 and the City.

Here is an update on the situation:

In the early morning hours, the bridge over the CSX train tracks at 2000 Cheshire Bridge was affected by a fire lit underneath.

I have been in communication with the Administration all morning, in particular with Lisa Benjamin, Atlanta COO; Chief Smith of Atlanta Fire and Rescue; and Assistant Zone 2 Commander, Captain Vayens to quickly address the situation. I will remain in close communication with the Administration over the coming days.

The Department of Public Works is going out to the area today to address the encampments under the bridge.

Both ATLDOT and GDOT have sent teams out to assess the structural integrity of the bridge. This assessment takes some time and we must, unfortunately, anticipate that the bridge will be closed for a few days while they work.

ATLDOT released official traffic detour information that is included below.

Prior to this incident, I had been pushing the departments to address the road closure at Lavista and Cheshire Bridge to alleviate the current traffic limitations. Part of the delay lies with the property owner, but I will now double down on that effort.

Additionally, I had already raised concerns with the Administration about fires under bridges with the winter months here. I will now put additional pressure on the Administration to address the multiple encampments in our district.

Please know that as your Councilmember and neighbor, I am committed to resolving this and improving the situation.

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