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Security Patrol

The Piedmont Heights Security Patrol is a part-time endeavor that enhances regular city police services in our neighborhood by adding direct patrol of our streets by an off-duty police officer.  It has proved to be a clear benefit to the entire Piedmont Heights neighborhood.

Home Away Watch Service

The Home Away Watch service is a great membership benefit. Members can let us know when you'll be out of town so that extra care can be taken to watch over your home. Members, you can fill out the form on this page to request Home Away Watch here. Be sure to include information about any vehicles to expect in the driveway, such as yard maintenance, pet sitters, etc.

The Security Patrol and Home Away Watch services are open to current PHCA members, whether they are homeowners or home renters. You may join as a member at any time. By joining as a PHCA Member, you will receive a security patrol yard sign. 

The Security Patrol employs off-duty Atlanta police officers.  While on duty for us, the patrolling officer will:

  • Patrol our streets for suspicious persons and/or activities

  • Assist with quality-of-life issues (door-to-door solicitors, parking on/blocking sidewalks, nuisance barking, etc.)

  • Watch any known hot spots in Piedmont Heights

  • Act on our behalf to coordinate additional law enforcement services (radar, traffic stops, car and dumpster impound, surveillance, etc.)

  • Respond and assist APD with 911 dispatches in our neighborhood

The patrol serves the entire neighborhood as an additional police presence and is worthy of the entire neighborhood’s support.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the form on this page.

Remember, you should call 911 (or 404-658-6666 if you are out of town but know of an issue at your home) when:

  • You witness a crime in progress.

  • You suspect that a crime is in progress.

  • You discover that you are a victim of a crime (dollar value doesn’t matter).

  • Your property is on fire or you see a fire in the neighborhood.

  • You have or witness a medical emergency or health crisis.

  • You witness or need to report a traffic accident.

  • You witness any suspicious activity or person in the neighborhood.

  • You see illegal parking detrimental to our neighborhood (blocking sidewalks, tires off street and on curb or grass).

  • You believe a vehicle has been abandoned.

  • You believe the neighborhood is experiencing excessive noise including, but not limited to, dogs constantly barking, loud music, loud parties, and contractors working too early or too late. (Tell the 911 operator if you wish to remain anonymous to the offender.)

  • Or, when in doubt, call 911 (or 404-658-6666).

If a crime goes unreported to the police, then it does not show up in the official crime statistics and therefore affects the APD's resource allocation. Police manpower is driven by the actual reports of crime.

Your first call should always be to 911 (or 404-658-6666); contact PHCA only after you have called 911 (or 404-658-6666).

Additional Safety & Security Resources

PiHi Safety FAQs

Atlanta Police Department - PiHi is split into APD's Zone 2 (north of Rock Springs Rd) and Zone 6 (Rock Springs Rd and south of it). 

APD Crime Maps - See what's happening in Piedmont Heights with APD's GIS mapping tool. You can select your neighborhood, date range, and more. 

APD Crime Stats - Additional info from APD on Crime in Atlanta. Click on the CRIME DATA tab.

911 via Text – Instead of calling 911, you can now text 911. Simply put ‘911’ in the ‘To’ or ‘Recipient’ field. Be brief and include the address. Texting 911 is recommended for non-emergency situations.

Policing Alternatives & Diversion Initiative (PAD) - The Policing Alternatives & Diversion Initiative (formerly the Pre-Arrest Diversion Initiative) works to reduce arrest and incarceration of people experiencing extreme poverty, problematic substance use, or mental health concerns, and increase the accessibility of supportive services in Atlanta and Fulton County. Since 2017, PAD has diverted more than 200 people from local jails and offered access to housing, mental health and substance use recovery support, employment and income benefits, while addressing legal issues and barriers to stability. You can also contact ATL311 to refer issues of community concern related to behavioral health or poverty. Learn more with their FAQs.

Security Camera Network – You can now register your residential or business video cameras/security cameras with APD. Perfect if you have a Ring doorbell, Arlo camera, etc. Online registration of your camera does NOT allow APD to view a live feed, nor will it give them automatic access of your video footage. Online registration helps APD create a network of camera owners to whom they can push out requests for video when there's a specific geographical area of interest. The request will have the info they are looking for, as well as a link for the camera owner to upload videos. Getting evidence faster obviously makes identifying potential suspects more efficient.

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