GDOT Project at Monroe Dr. & Armour Dr.

07 Jul 2021 10:20 PM | Anonymous

You may have noticed the work being done by GDOT at the intersection of Monroe & Armour. PHCA just received this press release from GDOT on the evening of July 7. 

Previously, GDOT had reached out in January with some information about a potential future project in 2022, and we never heard a word about the project again. 

Once we saw the unanticipated construction and the ensuing mess of traffic, as well as no clear benefit from the $1.6 million tax-payer expense, we have contacted the GDOT Project Manager and invited them to attend our August 3 PHCA Monthly Meeting, as well as many city officials, to inquire about what can by done, what is the final plan, how can we have a voice in making this monstrosity into something that's actually beneficial. All we've received so far is this press release. 

We encourage you to reach out to any/all of these contacts who may be able to make a difference with this project. Feel free to cc PHCA at! Please know that your PHCA Board is doing our best to facilitate communication and a better solution to this problem that's affecting residents and others working in Piedmont Heights, particularly Armour Yards. 

  • Andrew Bryant, GDOT Project Manager -
  • Ike Duru at GDOT -
  • Josh Rowan, Atlanta DOT -
  • Felicia Moore, City Council President –
  • Jennifer Ide, City Council Representative for PiHi District 6 -
  • Matt Westmoreland - City Council Representative At Large -

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