Gotham Way Park

Gotham Way Park is located on about 2.3 acres at the end of Gotham Way, where the official entrance is located. The park is also accessible from Kilburn Drive and Lebanon Drive. All three are dead end streets off Wimbledon Road. Gotham Park is not owned or maintained by the City of Atlanta, so it's up to the civic association and all who use the park to take care of it and make it a vibrant place for our residents to enjoy. 

The Gotham Way Park Committee is responsible for seeing that the park is maintained and brings recommendations to the board of directors for work that needs to be done on the park. This committee also takes the lead in developing the plans to improve the park for the benefit of all our residents. The chair of the Gotham Way Park Committee is Jorgelina Striedinger. Email Jorgelina for more information about the committee and its meeting times.

History of Gotham Way Park 

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