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10 Mar 2017 7:02 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

1.    Tell us briefly about Dog Days Intown.  How long have you been in business? 

Dog Days has been in business for 16 years now, our most prominent location being in Buckhead off of Cain’s hill place. We just recently opened our 2 newest locations on the Westside and also here in Intown off of Armour Drive.

2.    What types of services do you offer?  Tell us about the swim program, it sounds like fun!

We offer dog daycare, dog boarding, bathing services, canine swim club, outdoor adventures, treadmill workouts, as well as our array of retail including collars, toys, bedding, food, and of course TREATS! Our canine swim club is free to dogs who are here for daycare and/or boarding, otherwise we offer swim packages for our customers who aren’t regulars. Our swim club is hands on, one on one time between a dog and our swim instructor.

3.    What is the staff to dog ratio?

There are 1-2 workers in the big dog room and 1-2 workers in the small dog room at all times depending on the number of dogs. We also always have a manger or assistant manager on duty, as well as our swim instructor who is there for about 2 hours a day. All of our dogs are temperament tested before being allowed to come for daycare/boarding to ensure safety and cut back on the incidences/ injuries that could happen. 

4.    What kind of training does the staff have?

Our dog handlers/runners are trained for an extensive 30 day trial period in which they shadow our already trained professionals. The training takes place at our Buckhead location where there are 60+ dogs on a daily basis.

5.    What types of safety precautions are in place for the pets? 

Dogs are first off separated according to size, from there they can be moved due to temperament and personality. For example a super playful Frenchie is normally better off in the big dog room than in the small dog room because they get to play and rough house around with dogs who also want to play. Like previously stated we do also temperament test all our dogs in order to ensure there aren’t any aggressive/fighting dogs coming to our facility. Unfortunately due to our insurance we are not able to accept pit bulls at this time.

6.    What are your vaccination and health requirements?

We require that all of the dogs coming to our facility, if over 7.5 months, are either spayed/neutered so that no pregnancies happen here. We also require that all dogs coming to our facility are up to date and current on their Bordetells, Distemper-parvo, and Rabies vaccinations. Unfortunately we have to turn away the dogs who are not. Requiring these vaccines cuts down the risk of a dog contracting kennel cough or the flu.

7.    What is the procedure if there is a medical emergency?

If there is a medical emergency we first start out by trying to get in contact with the parents. If the parents are unreachable we leave them a detailed voicemail and then try to get in contact with their emergency contact that they have placed on file. If neither can be reached, our manager on duty takes the dog and his/her file to the dog’s normal vet to begin getting treated for whatever may have happened. The parents give their vet information when enrolling so we do always try to take them to their regular vet however there are cases when we cannot do that due to it being out of state, too far, past hours and we will then take the dog to the closest vet. The parents also sign a consent when enrolling their dog, that in case of an emergency they sign over to allow us to have the dog treated. We would never just let a dog sit at our facility if the parents are unreachable. We do take proper action as ensuring health and safety are our main concerns.

8.    How are the dogs grouped in day care (age, activity level etc.)?

As somewhat mentioned they are divided into two groups, the big dogs, and the small dogs. From there we do a case by case basis where a smaller dog may be just too energetic and playful and will be moved to the big dog room (with parents’ consent) and vice versa.

9.    Do the dogs have indoor/ outdoor access? Your day starts early, what is the average day like at Dog Days Intown? 

The dogs here do have indoor and outdoor access at all of our locations. Intown is finishing up the permitting to fence in our alleyway so the dogs do also get the proper amount of time outdoors. We do open our doors early at 7:30, this time begins with checking all the dogs in for daycare and boarding. The dogs come in and are put into their corresponding play rooms. From there we are a play all day facility. So from 7:30 until they are picked up they are playing with their dog friends. Here at intown our pool instructor comes at 9:30AM and depending on the number of dogs we normally run the swim club for 2 hours, each dog getting their own time in the pool.

10. Do you offer packages?

We do. Daycare is regularly $30 a day, however we offer a 10 day pack for $270 (savings of $30), and also a 20 day pack for $500 (savings of $100). Unfortunately no boarding packages exist at this time. We do also offer our swim pack (for non-regular customers to purchase) which is 10 sessions for $150. Our treadmill packages are 5 sessions for $90 (savings of $10), or 10 pack for $150 (savings of $50).

11. How do you keep customers and their pets’ happy and coming back? 

All of our staff truly love the dogs and their owners. We are very customer service based and take pride in knowing our customers by name, (dogs too!). Another big thing that our customers love is that the pool is free for daycare dogs. We do a lot more at our facility then just let your dog’s run around and play. We want to make sure that not only the parents are happy with the experience but that the dogs too really look forward to coming to Dog Days to be with their friends, run around, swim and just have a good time. Our facility is also very clean and smells wonderful. That’s another thing our customers are always telling us; that we don’t smell like a dog facility and they’re right we don’t.

12.  Where are you located?  What are your hours? When can clients stop by for a tour?

We are located at 441 Armour Drive Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30324 right next to the shell station. Our hours are Monday-Thursday 7:30AM-7:00PM, Friday 7:30AM-6:30PM, Saturday 10:00AM-3:30PM, and Sunday 4:00PM-6:00PM. Anyone is able to come any day during those times to see the facility, view are play rooms on our 3 large flat screen tvs, and our webcams on our website are also always up and running for anyone to check out our facility, or just check in on their dog at daycare.

Thank you and Best Wishes! 

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