The Piedmont Heights Business Alliance was formed in 2014 to provide a bridge between businesses and residents in the neighborhood, giving businesses a voice in neighborhood affairs.

Piedmont Heights hosts more than 100 businesses, commercial property owners, and institutions that occupy almost half the land area of our community. This includes well-known Atlanta landmarks such as the Ansley Mall and Smith's Olde Bar. In fact, it is this unique mix of residents and businesses that inspired the neighborhood to adapt its motto of a Small Town in the Big City. 

Like homeowners in the area, the business community contributes to the quality of life in Piedmont Heights and its surrounding neighborhoods, making the Business Alliance a valuable partner with the Civic Association. Local businesses have been significant contributors, financially and in service, to the creation of the Greater Piedmont Heights Master Framework Plan as well as to many other projects of mutual benefit.  

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ASW Resurgens Rye Resurgens Rye Cocktail Class with Whiskey Casey Teague

We're hosting a cocktail class with the masterful Casey Teague and Atlanta's first rye since Prohibition, our own Resurgens Rye, on Thursday, March 23.
Join us to learn how to make the perfect Bramble cocktail and a riff on the original cocktail hailing from New Orleans during the mid 1800s, the Sazerac, with Whiskey Drams founder and editor Casey Teague, who currently helms Atlanta's craft cocktail consultancy, Liquid Culture. The experience will also include bits of history on cocktails, a tour of our Scottish-style twin copper pot still system here at ASW Distillery, and, depending on which ticket option you select, an awesome bar kit to take home!

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  • 07 Aug 2018 5:10 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Lango Kids Atlanta Registration is Open!!

    at Rock Spring Presbyterian Church

    Welcome to Lango Foreign Languages For Kids!

    Saturday, After School, and Homeschool

    Class Registrations now open

    We are excited to start the new school year at our Piedmont Heights/Midtown location with our new

    Passport Series - Adventures to Puerto Rico, Peru, Chile, and Ecuador!

    Check out the class offerings here


    Class held every week for forty-five minutes for $60 monthly if you stay enrolled from Sept. - May. Or enroll for our fall session from Sept. - December for $289. Multiple class discount 15%. Sibling discount 15%. Discounts cannot be combined.

    All new - Homeschool Class during the week.

    Classes available for ALL skill levels. We can't wait to see you!On-site classes at preschools/daycare centers wanting to offer a foreign language as part of their curriculum.

    Community Classes held at:

    Rock Spring Presbyterian Church

    1824 Piedmont Ave NE

    Atlanta 30324

  • 02 May 2017 2:51 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Thank you to Allstate volunteer Drew Niess for being a positive force for change in our community. Drew Niess gave his/her time and enabled the Piedmont Heights Foundation to receive an Allstate Foundation Helping Hands in the Community grant. The Allstate Foundation supports the causes that Allstate agency owners, financial specialists and employees care about most by providing Helping Hands in the Community grants to nonprofits where they volunteer their time to bring out the good in their communities.

    AllState Insurance Drew Niess is a PHBA Member.

    Contact AllState Insurance Drew Niess

    (404) 477-5500

    Facebook to AllState Drew Niess

  • 01 May 2017 6:28 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    From District 6 Councilman Alex Wan

     I-85 Small Business Resource Event on Tuesday, May 9th

    I've spoken with a number of businesses on Cheshire Bridge Rd that have seen drops in revenue anywhere from 60 to 90% since the bridge collapse. In response, Invest Atlanta and other partners are hosting a fair on Tuesday, May 9th from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.at the Peachtree Hills Recreation Center to share resources available to businesses impacted by the I-85 overpass closure including:

    • free small business consulting
    • access to capital
    • review of insurance policies and coverages
    • updates on I-85 construction status
    • free technical assistance in operations, marketing, accounting, etc.
    Visit investatlanta.com/i85alive for event registration 

    Participating partners include: U.S. Small Business Administration, Wells Fargo, UPS, BB&T Insurance Services, PNC Bank and the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. For further information, contact Invest Atlanta at bizimpact@investatlanta.com.

  • 01 May 2017 6:24 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    If you are you a teacher or retired teacher who could use a great workout, come out and have fun while you torch calories, release your stress, and get your sweat on!! You don't have be a dancer to get the maximum benefit from Zumba. The music will get you up and moving to the beat!! 
    I look forward to meeting and extending my hand to show my appreciation to our outstanding educators.

    Please share***

    #TeachersAppreciationWeek #teachersrock #honorteachers

  • 01 May 2017 6:01 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    A Message from Piedmont Heights Business Alliance:

    Thank you for attending the Mixin-It-Up in Piedmont Heights event. It was a big success! We look forward to seeing you at future Piedmont Heights Business Alliance events.


    With appreciation,

    Andrea Culpepper

  • 13 Apr 2017 4:57 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Thu, April 27, 2017/ 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM EDT

    11th Frame,1936 Piedmont Circle Northeast

    Inside Midtown Bowl

    Atlanta, GA 30324

    RSVP Here! by April 25th!

    Get to know more of your neighbors who live, work, and do business in the Piedmont Height neighborhood district! Join Piedmont Heights Civic Association business and residential members and leaders to learn about "happenings in the hood" at one of our own local hang-outs, Midtown Bowl. Learn about projects and initiatives going on in the area while building your network of Piedmont Height contacts.

    At the April Mixer, you will meet Aaron Goldman, Principal of Perennial Properties. Perennial Properties is a Piedmont Heights-based mixed-use commercial development firm, which specializes in high-end urban apartment and condominium projects with street level retail.

    You will also hear from Merritt Lancaster, Principal of Paces Properties, a Piedmont Heights’ development, management and leasing of multifamily residential communities and specialty retail centers.

    RSVP Here! by April 25th!


    PieDmont Heights Business Alliance

    Organizer of Mixin-It-Up in Piedmont Heights

    The Piedmont Heights Business Alliance was formed in 2014 to provide a bridge between businesses and residents in the neighborhood, giving businesses a voice in neighborhood affairs.

  • 15 Mar 2017 2:43 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Karen Argrett-Richardson, Piedmont Heights resident, licensed Zumba instructor and owner of 2GetFitZumba.

    What is Zumba?

    Zumba is a Latin-inspired cardio dance workout that gets you up and moving to the beats of varies types of music, such as Latin, Carribean, African, East Indian, Pop, and Hip Hop. The result is a fun filled effective workout that keeps you coming back for more.

    Do clients need dance experience?  

    No prior dance experience is needed to get the full benefits from Zumba.The steps are simple, easy to follow, and to learn. I tell all of my students “there are no mistakes in Zumba only accidental solos”.

    How long have you been a Zumba instructor?

    I have been teaching Zumba for three years.

    Is Zumba for all ages?

    Yes! Zumba is for everybody. Zumba Fitness, the orginal program introduced to the public in 2001 is the high intensity, cardio fast paced program that first put Zumba on the map. Today in addition to the original program Zumba offers 11 specialty classes that are designed for a range of the population (children to seniors) and their various fitness needs. The class I teach at Rock Springs Presbyterian Church is a specialty class called Zumba Gold. My class incorporates the same principles found in Zumba Fitness classes but slows down the pace and lowers the intensity level. These modifications are ideal for active older adults or those people who are just starting their fitness journey. I'm also trained to teach the specialty classes for children, which may be coming in the new year.

    What are the benefits of Zumba?

    Gosh there are so many benefits...I'll try to keep it brief.

    You get a total body workout, your legs, arms and core muscles all get a complete workout with Zumba. Less desirable exercises like squats are seamlessly incorporated into the choreography. If you want to lose weight, Zumba is for you. It burns hundreds of calories per hour and because it's a cardio exercise, it increases your metabolism so you continue that burn all day.Let's talk about how Zumba improves the mind/body connection. Dancing is shown to build balance and coordination, two important brain functions. Increased ability in balance and coordination is essential to help reduce falls as we age. Zumba is FUN, and if you are having fun you remain consistent. Hip shaking and moving to energizing music is better than the endless drudgery of treadmills and counting reps. New songs and choreography keep your workout fresh, while challenging your mind and body. Last, but definitely not least, it's social. Zumba sessions are more like a party than an exercise class, so it's a great place to meet new people, and have fun with friends while getting a great workout.

    Is resistance traing an important addition to Zumba?

    I feel resistance training should be a part of an effective fitness program. The benefits are improvements to strength, flexibilty, body composition, muscle tone and posture. Why add it to Zumba? Because Zumba is a cardio exercise, the focus is on you moving your large muscle groups to raise your heart rate.Your heart is a muscle. So working it makes it stronger. Resistance training, using your own body weight or equipment causes the muscles to contract against an external resistance with the expectation of increases in strength, tone, mass, and/or endurance.

    What inspired you to teach Zumba?

    I took my first Zumba class in 2012. I was pre-menopausal, not sleeping well lacking energy and badly in need of physical activity. My husband and I joined a gym, he headed off to the weight room and I hit the cardio machines. One day while feeling less than enthusiastic on the treadmill I saw these happy looking people going into a room with frosted walls and I heard this music that made me want to dance coming from there. A Zumba class was in session, the minute I walked into that room I knew I had found my fitness connection. It checked off all of my boxes. After that first class I was sweating, I had fun, I was laughing while I worked out. I made friends who I still keep in touch with today. Sleeping got better, and I loved that feeling of satisfying exhaustion. Zumba was the gateway to my pursuit of attaining my best fit life. I am now very familiar and know my way around the weight room. I love to work out and constantly challenge my body to show me what more it can do. My love for the classes and what it did for me motivated me to become an instructor. I love my job, and strive to help others find their fitness connection. 

    Can you give us some suggestions on how to survive the holiday without putting on pounds?

    Sure, I just read a very informative article on Greatist, one of my favorite sites that addressed this thoroughly. Here's the link greatist.com/health/ways-to- avoid-holiday-weight-gain.

    Where can we find you?

    Classes are held in the Loudermilk Center behind Rock Springs Presbyterian Church

    1824 Piedmont Rd. NE

    Atlanta, GA 30324

    Office: 404 892-9008

    Cell: 301 512-5824

    Class information


    Like me on Facebook


    Follow me on Twitter


  • 14 Mar 2017 11:40 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    March is a month of parties for a good cause. In this newsletter we share two big events that we hope you will attend and/or support. They benefit organizations we find worthy and interesting as well.  

    The year is starting off with a bang. We are pursuing a number of new ventures ranging from intown income producing opportunities to ground up retail and residential developments  EpiCity Real Estate Services- 2017 Review 

  • 13 Mar 2017 4:09 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    •      What is Kumon?   Kumon is an after- school math and reading enrichment program. There is no judgement and no grades. This doesn’t mean however, that the students aren’t expected to perform. When a student comes to our center we test to assess their skills and place them at the corresponding level. They are then expected to master and work their way through an individual program that fosters independence and self- learning. The students work on a few pages a day at their own pace and the concept is repeated until it is mastered. From the foundational skills all the way to the more complicated concepts, each step builds on the one before it for a thorough grasp and practice at developing the skills. So the philosophy behind Kumon is to grasp the fundamentals through repeated practice until the student has a thorough command that allows for a smoother learning experience at the center and outside. Our student success rate of 2 grades higher is about 20%. The majority of the students (50%) reach 1 year ahead of grade level between 9-12 months. This does take a considerable amount of commitment and hard work from the child and parents.
    • .    How long have you been in business in Atlanta?   I started the business in 2011 that makes it four years.
    •    How early should children start Kumon?  We have students as young as 4 years old all the way to 12th grade. We recommend our younger students sit through at least 10 to 15 minutes of work at the center and at home for the program to be impactful.  Bear in mind that when they start as young as 4, their minds are still forming and often they pull out that information at a later stage. So as a parent you pay it forward and invest in the future if you choose to start early. The advantage is your child has the exposure and a heard start when those skills really start to matter in Kindergarten.
    • What made you decide to start this type of franchise?   I stumbled on this quite by accident. I remember I sat at my children’s Kumon center in Buckhead and the owner of the location approached me to teach at the center. I‘ve always been vested in my children’s education. I thought to myself I could do this, help even more children realize their potential and support their parent’s aspiration for their children. So my journey to becoming a Kumon Instructor started in the spring of 2009. By profession, I am an interior architect by training working with architectural firms designing educational buildings, libraries and theaters.   In a way the apple does not fall far from the tree and now I had a chance to be involved directly in academics beyond buildings. I was also an active participant in the PTA and I helped several students work through their academic challenges at school. I noticed a different level of confidence in my children from going to Kumon. Having strong foundation directly contributed to my children’s success at school. The opportunity for me to inspire students and encourage their learning abilities at the most formative years of their lives continues to inspire me every day. I have not once looked back or doubted the value of what I’m doing as a Kumon instructor.
    • Can you tell us about the Kumon Face, The Logo  Every now and then I come across this question from either one of my students or a prospective Kumon family, “What does the Kumon face portray :” or “Is this a sad face?” , and I am quite happy to answer that is isn’t a sad face at all but actually represents a thinking face.  The “Thinking face” as contained in the Kumon logo was developed to represent not only the children who, thinking deeply as they study and gain the necessary life skills and academic ability at our center, but also the instructor who guides the children in their study. The “Thinking Face “represents the face of everyone involved in Kumon. The blue color in the logo represents honesty, intelligence and integrity, as well as the color of the sky. The sky of course, is universal to everyone in the world and therefore represents the universality of the Kumon method. The Sky Blue used also represents Kumon’s hope that the world will achieve unity, that the future of children will grow on a grand scale and that people all over the world will think deeply about education.
    •  What impact has Kumon had on the lives of your students?  Learning to acquire discipline to do the work, because without hard work they do not see success. They do not see the accomplishments or improvements they can have without discipline.
    • Can you tell us a favorite story?   A favorite story is that Rising 9th grader came into the center below grade and we had to start him at 3rd grade level work.  Within a year, after a lot of hard work, he has risen to performing the 10th grade level! He is now applying to private schools to get a Baseball scholarship.  He will complete the program with Kumon Math and Reading of Piedmont Park this year. I have 2 other students at my center both girls, rising 2nd grader attending public school and a 3rd grader attending a private school. They are well ahead of grade levels at school. It is interesting to see them work on long divisions and fractions. They address these concepts with ease.
    • Sometimes people like to take many shortcuts with learning. They think that Kumon is a quick fix, sometimes with disappointing results for your students what is your advice to them? Kumon’s main purpose is to prepare your child for the rigors of high school work. From day one, Kumon emphasizes independence and self- learning.  While Kumon may seem like a program aimed at tutoring your child, it is not a tutoring program. Tutoring, on the other hand, will remediate a problem, but not address the weaknesses of the student. Once the tutor is gone, the student encounters a new concept, lack of confidence and weak computation skills will eventually lead to a new struggle. This is the difference between prevention and treatment. In schools, teachers are required to keep up with schedules and assigned curriculum. This pressure does not allow for any wiggle room for teachers to ensure complete mastery of concepts to an entire class or even an individual. Schools do not give enough time for practice, and the students are being rushed to new concepts before achieving mastery. You may not see the differences between strong students and weak students in elementary school, where grades are generally given not earned, but  the differences become apparent starting in middle school and even more evident in high school when Algebra and Calculus are introduced.  Kumon prepares your children for future standardized testing. We measure the time and accuracy of all work done at Kumon. Students learn to focus and work with speed, which are necessary skills for students to excel at standardized testing such as ERB’s, Georgia Milestone,  SSAT and SAT.
    • We have seen you at work at the center, you are very passionate about the success of the children and your students love you, how do you inspire them to do more?  We expect our students to have confidence to learn new concepts without depending on others for help. These types of students are the ones that breeze through high school and, more importantly college!  Getting all of our students to that level continues to keep me motivated at the center every week
    •  Last question ..Summer is here, in addition to Kumon of course, what else should children do to stay sharp all summer?   Now that school is over, it is time for camps. Our children are enrolled in overwhelming number of sports camps, art, technology, music camps. Don’t get me wrong I love these camps too. Children learn independence, focus on skills they need to polish, learn new hobbies and make new friends. All of these are extremely important to raise a balanced child. But what about academics? Are they going to lose a fair amount of information and concepts they learned over the school year? Will they retain all of it or part of their curriculum? Think about when you take a break from exercising, a few weeks off the treadmill and it seems so much steeper when you get back on! Your mind is the same; it requires regular exercise to continue growing and developing. Ensuring your child continues educational activities throughout the summer holidays can mean they are confident, equipped and ready to tackle new work when they go back to school. The daily study of Kumon can make all the different when it comes to keeping the brain active between school terms, as well as throughout the year.  Allow them to choose a few books they would enjoy reading.   I also suggest parents find a few required books to read. If they are learning a foreign language at school have them watch a movie in that language to keep the language fresh.

    How can parents contact you?  Binita Vijay @ 404-736- 6367 or email binitavijay@ikumon.com. The center is open for students on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. We are also open Saturday mornings to accommodate parents juggling busy school and activity schedules during the week.  Assessments and orientations are scheduled by appointment only. 

  • 12 Mar 2017 5:15 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    • Can you tell us about Framing By Design ? How long have you been in business in Atlanta? 

    I was doing the books for my best friend who owned a frame shop in the late 80’s. Although I wasn’t framing at the time I had learned a lot from just observing what he did. I enjoyed seeing the fun and creative work he was doing and thought it might be something I too would enjoy. He needed help and I was a bit burned out of the restaurant management job that I had. I sat at a computer for the next six months and began writing programs tailored to our business. He had been doing everything manually and was either not charging enough or charging too much. As I learned the business from the accounting end I also learned it from the production end. After a year or so of “apprenticeship” I felt I knew enough about the industry and decided to buy him out. 

    • What kinds of  framing services do you offer? 
    We pretty much do anything that our customers ask of us and if we can’t do it we will refer them to someone than can. Most people just want basic framing. A frame, a mat or two and some glass. We also offer specialty cuts into mats since we have a computerized mat cutter. A lot of people don’t realize that they have many options available to them. People know that there are tons of frame options, but most don’t realize that there are also many mat choices such as paper, rag, silk, linen, suede and leather. We also make mats out of specialty papers and customer supplied fabrics to match their interior. Glass is another one of those things people no little about. In my industry we call it glazing. That basically means any substance used to cover and protect the underlying art. Sure it can be glass, but it can also mean plastic, laminate or a clear coat of a spray sealant. There are also many varieties of each of these glazing types including anti-reflective, conservation grade and museum grades. Museum glass, although a bit expensive, will not only be nearly invisible, but will also cut out nearly 98% of damaging UV rays.

    • With all of the new technology in photographs and digital technology , How has that impacted the framing business over the years?
    I have always embraced the new technology and although it has impacted my bottom line a bit it hasn’t been something I worry too much about. Nowadays it’s easy to snap a photo with your phone, upload it to an online service and have it printed and framed, pretty much on the cheap. But do you really know exactly what you are getting? How was it mounted? What sort of tapes or adhesives were used? Is the frame some cheap plastic? Digital prints, whether they be to paper, canvas or even fabric are another story. I say go for it, but bring them to a professional framer to get them framed 

    • Where do you see the business going with all of the changes ?
    I’m pretty much an optimist, in both my personal and business life so there is really only one way to look at things. I’ve learned to evolve and adapt to change.  

    • What makes a good " frame"  shop ?
    Knowledge is power. A farmer knows his crops, his soil, his seed and his animals. A framer too knows his craft, albeit a bit different than a farmer. A framer needs to know color, texture and all the techniques involved in designing a good looking piece as well as the conservative properties some pieces need in order to maintain the value of that piece. A good framer will determine your likes and dislikes and suggest something that will fit in with your tastes as well as budget. A good framer will also use good materials. My biggest pet peeve has always been framers that have used materials there were not intended for the framing industry. Most of these are tapes and adhesives that are not acid free. Acids in these inferior products will ultimately damage the underlying artwork. I have seen pieces hinged in with scotch tape, painters tape, electrical tape, masking tape, S&H green stamps and I even had one that was hinged in with a used band aid
    • How should a buyer measure artwork when buying a frame  ?
    A buyer need not worry about measuring a piece of artwork other than making sure the completed piece will fit in it’s intended space. We always tell a customer who may be concerned of size constraints what their finished piece size will be.

    • What is Rabett depth and why is it important ? 
    A rabbet is the overall depth that any frame can accommodate. Most people need not concern themselves with rabbet depth since any good framer would only show you options of moldings that would accommodate the depth of the artwork.

    • Can you tell us about some of your favorite projects ? And Why ? 
    Most of my favorites tend to be the family heirlooms or things out of the ordinary. We recently framed some old war maps and compass from WWI that belonged to a customers great grandfather. Our customer was so happy to have something that meant so much to him and his family hanging on the wall to enjoy instead of in some box in the attic. We recently framed the original stir stick used in the manufacturing of Coca Cola. That stick was about four and a half feet long and well over 100 years old. We have framed Olympic torches, a piece of mirror that Elvis supposedly kissed for a fan, a real Renoir and believe it or not, lizards on a stick.  

    • We have seen your work and think it is really exceptional. People like to take many shortcuts with framing and sometimes with disappointing results. Why get it done professionally  ? 
    Thank you. Most people fail to look at the long term. Many an IKEA frame has come across my worktable. Sure, they look okay and are an affordable alternative to having a piece professionally done. Nearly every customer that has bought these types of frames if not already will soon be saying that they wasted money. The quality is not that good and over time they fail and fall apart. A quality frame will last not only for your lifetime, but for your children and their children and possibly longer. Amortized over your lifetime, a piece of custom framed artwork is really not that expensive. Probably less than a monthly car payment. You bought the art because you liked it, it touched you or it means something to you. Why would you not have it framed properly.

    • How can customers find you ? Do you offer out of town shipping services? 
    We don’t offer shipping services and recommend you tell us if you intend to ship your framed artwork so we can discuss options. Customers can find us at 1830 Piedmont Avenue. Right next to the Iconic Gorilla Car Wash. We are open Monday - Friday from 10 - 7 and Saturday from 10 -4. Running late? We can wait for you.

    Douglas Miller

    1830 Piedmont Avenue

    Atlanta, Georgia  30324



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