The Piedmont Heights Business Alliance was formed in 2014 to provide a bridge between businesses and residents in the neighborhood, giving businesses a voice in neighborhood affairs.

Piedmont Heights hosts more than 100 businesses, commercial property owners, and institutions that occupy almost half the land area of our community. This includes well-known Atlanta landmarks such as the Ansley Mall and Smith's Olde Bar. In fact, it is this unique mix of residents and businesses that inspired the neighborhood to adapt its motto of a Small Town in the Big City. 

Like homeowners in the area, the business community contributes to the quality of life in Piedmont Heights and its surrounding neighborhoods, making the Business Alliance a valuable partner with the Civic Association. Local businesses have been significant contributors, financially and in service, to the creation of the Greater Piedmont Heights Master Framework Plan as well as to many other projects of mutual benefit.  

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  • Increase visibility with business member promotional offers, spotlights, e-blasts, social media, digital marketing, and community events all shared with Piedmont Heights residential and business members..
  • The Business Alliance provides a bridge between businesses and residents to give them a strong voice in neighborhood
  • Representation for you and your business with city officials and other organizations that influence future development in Piedmont Heights.
  • Events throughout the year to bring the business community together and provide insight into new developments, business opportunities, zoning and variance issues.
  • Member to member special offers.
  • Your business information is listed on the Business Alliance page with a link to your website.
  • Ability to hold committee positions within the organization.
  • The Piedmont Heights Civic Association helps to provide residential security patrol for Piedmont Heights.
  • A lot of bang for your buck at $75 membership fee.
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Most folks in Piedmont Heights think of it as just another in-town community. They don’t know that it was settled almost 200 years ago as a little country town clustered around a grist mill on Clear Creek. The residential neighborhood didn’t begin to form until the early 1900s. It formed a civic association, the “Piedmont Heights Civic Club,” in 1956 to halt the spread of businesses into the residential area and for the next 60 years kept itself apart from the business community. Then, the BeltLine came along and the residents decided to create a master plan before the BeltLine imposed its own. Much to the surprise of the residents, over 50% of funding for the plan was donated by the business community. As a result of this joint commitment, in 2014 the Civic Association formed a Business Committee to give voice to local businesses in the affairs of the neighborhood. Membership in the new committee grew to 40 members within two years and its name evolved into the Piedmont Heights Business Alliance.

In 2018 the Business Alliance expanded its name to the Greater Piedmont Heights Business Alliance to include all businesses around Piedmont Heights without a relationship to any local civic organization. This expanded constituency revealed the need for a more structured and formal organization. So, the Alliance is currently underway to reinvent itself once again and as an organization with a President, Board of Directors and non-profit status. The objective is to emulate organizations like those in Midtown, West Midtown and Old Fourth Ward. However, unlike them our Alliance will link arms with the Piedmont Heights Civic Association and the Piedmont Heights Community Improvement Foundation to form a unique and powerful force for positive change in Greater Piedmont Heights.

Bill Seay - PHCA Board Member, Founder GPHBA

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