About the Piedmont Heights Alliance

The now forming Piedmont Heights Alliance, also known as PiHi Alliance,  is an alliance of business owners and Piedmont Heights Civic Association reps dedicated to communicating and connecting to smart business growth in Piedmont Heights!

We advocate on behalf of member businesses with the City, State and Atlanta BeltLine. 

We promote #PiHi...its history and the new opportunities that come with being the next Atlanta BeltLine neighborhood! 

PiHi Alliance mission is to establish a unified business community to communicate, engage and act towards a sustainable, safe and well recognized commercial areas in the city of Atlanta.


Contact us at discover@pihialliance.com.


Connection: The PiHi Alliance board will hold one hour general meetings with one hour of  networking every 6 weeks open to everyone in the business districts of PiHi. Connect with your business neighbors to learn about opportunities and progress that impacts your business! 

Advocacy: The PiHi Alliance will advocate on behalf of its members with various departments of the City of Atlanta as well as other related agencies like the Atlanta BeltLine to address infrastructure, ordinances, public safety and communications that impact business within the community. We will ensure that the businesses of the PiHi Alliance are being heard and seen as a partner with the City of Atlanta to affect positive change within the business districts of Piedmont Heights.

Promotion: The PiHi Alliance will promote business members through monthly e-newsletters, social media posts and blog posts on pihialliance.com.  

The PiHi Alliance intends to create a signature event that promotes the business members of the organization as well as marketing our districts as a destination. The signature event is slated to be launched in the fall of 2021 along the Atlanta BeltLine Northeast Trail.

Contact Us

Piedmont Heights Civic Association
1579 Monroe Dr. NE, Ste. 307
Atlanta, GA 30324


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